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Personalised Desk Calendars Personalised desk calendars are a great way to keep track of important dates and deadlines, whether at work or in the home office. At Christmas Connections, we stock a beautiful range of customisable desk calendars, including wirebound calendar designs and photo upload calendars.

Below, you can browse our selection of high-quality personalised desk calendars and choose your favourite template.

A desk calendar customised with your company name or logo would make a fantastic marketing tool or promotional product. Alternatively, why not upload a family photo to create a beautiful personalised desk calendar as a gift for a loved one?

Personalised Desk Calendar FAQs: What kind of Desk Calendars are there?

At Christmas Connections, we offer many different types and sizes of folding desk calendar, so there's something for everyone. For example:

~ Basic folding desk calendars: these have a flat front and triangular sides, with six months on one face and six months on the other.

~ Tall folding desk calendars: these are slimmer and taller than our basic desk calendars, and feature multiple months on each side. They're ideal for using at a glance and can be personalised with your details at the top.

~ Small CD calendars: these are clear CD jewel cases with calendar sheets inside. They're ideal for taking with you on the go - perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

~ Long CD calendars: these feature more space to write notes and reminders.

Some of our personalised desk calendars are photo upload designs, which allow you to add your own photo or logo to the calendar. Others can be customised with your name, company name or a personal message.

What Is the Standard Size of a Desk Calendar?

All of our personalised desk calendars are small enough to fit neatly on any desk without getting in the way, whether you're using them at home or in the office.

Our basic folding desk calendars measure 203 x 149mm. For reference, this is just smaller than an A5 sheet of paper. Our tall folding desk calendars are narrower and taller, measuring 210 x 110mm.

Smaller than our basic folding desk calendars, our CD calendars measure 118 x 138mm. They are our most portable option. We also stock longer CD calendars measuring 183 x 108mm.

Why Should I Order Personalised Desk Calendars?

First and foremost, personalised desk calendars make great gifts - especially our photo upload designs. As you can customise them with any photo of your choice, they make thoughtful presents for friends, family, colleagues or employees. Because they're designed to sit flat on a desk, our personalised desk calendars are ideal for students and renters who can't affix anything to the wall. They're also perfect for business use, as promotional products for clients and customers.

Many of our desk calendars feature space to jot down reminders, birthdays and important events. Because they're small, they won't take up much space on your desk, whether at home or at work. They're also portable, and will easily fit in your bag to take with you wherever you go.

How Do I Create a Personalised Desk Calendar?

Creating your own personalised desk calendar is easy with Christmas Connections. Our handy online editor is accessible from any PC or smartphone, and the whole process is quick and easy. Here's how to do it:

~ First, choose your favourite desk calendar template to edit. We have a range of options, sizes, colours and designs to choose from.

~ On the product page, click the 'personalise' button to get started. This will take you through to the calendar editing screen.

~ Next, add in your personalised details using the text editor. This could be your name, your company name or a thoughtful or funny message. It's up to you!

~ If the calendar allows for photo upload, choose an image from your computer to add to the design. Make sure to pick a clear, non - blurry, high - resolution photo for the best results.

~ Click 'next' and you'll see a preview showing what your desk calendar will look like. If you're happy, click 'checkout'!

Before entering your payment and delivery details, make sure to select the right quantity for your order and choose your preferred delivery service.

Can I Personalise a Desk Calendar for Free?

Yes, you can. Christmas Connections offers free personalisation on all of our desk calendars. This means you can add your own text, images, or logos to the calendar for no extra cost. Simply choose the calendar you want and click on the 'personalise' button to get started. We want you to be happy with your design, so feel free to experiment with different templates until you find one that works for you. Our personalised desk calendars are extremely affordable, starting at just 88p each.

Can I Buy Personalised Desk Calendars in Bulk?

Yes - it couldn't be easier to place a bulk order with Christmas Connections. Any of our desk calendar designs can be ordered in quantities from 50 to 1000, so you can buy as many or as few as you need. Because we use the latest digital printing technology, we pride ourselves on being able to quickly receive, check and print even the biggest bulk orders.

To place a bulk order, simply choose your desired quantity from the drop-down list on the product page. You can also edit quantities easily in your basket after personalising. If you would like to order more than 1000 calendars at a time, please contact our helpful team and we'll do our best to help.

Why Buy Desk Calendars from Christmas Connections?

Christmas Connections is the perfect place to buy personalised desk calendars. As part of our parent company, we have over 112 years of experience in making and selling personalised Christmas calendars and cards, so you can trust us to deliver high-quality products. What's more, we offer free personalisation on all of our calendars - so you can add your own photos, text, or logos without any added costs. On our website, you'll also find a range of beautiful, customisable Christmas card designs to add to your order. Why not request a free sample to see and feel the quality for yourself?