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Christmas Control Room



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203 x 149mm

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Have you ever wondered just how Father Christmas manages to get to every child’s home on Christmas Eve? It seems like an impossible feat, so you may have assumed that his important job is helped by the use of magic. However, this humorous cartoon Christmas card suggests otherwise. The comical illustration depicts a gathering of a dozen Father Christmases, dressed in red coats and furs, conducting important festive logistics in a busy communications room. The date on the calendar indicates that it’s Christmas Eve. While some Santas are manning the radar screens, others consult a map, while yet more are busy on the telephone or broadcasting information. Outside in the snow, a thirteenth Father Christmas can be seen setting off in his sleigh to carry out the first of the evening’s deliveries, with a bulging sack of gifts behind him. This amusing Christmas card explores the funny side of our favourite Christmas legend. 

Your inner greeting and personalisation details are printed on high quality white inserts.

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