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Traditional Cards

Here at Christmas Connections we're all about the classics. Maybe it's the wisps of nostalgia born from our yesteryear roots in 1906, perhaps it's our love for old fashioned designs that embrace the traditional elements of Christmas, or possibly it's because the traditional elements just whisk us away to our childhoods when Christmas was oh-so magical; yet whichever it is, we just adore traditional Christmas card designs.

The element that makes our traditional cards so special is that many of them are actually based on antique designs, made here at Christmas Connections over one hundred years ago. Where else can you get such an authentic design? Every year we carefully delve into our huge archive of over 10,000 Christmas Cards, many dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, and carefully use the vintage aura of these, often handmade or hand-painted designs, to craft new ideas and inspiration for new season traditional cards.

So whether you are looking for timeless designs that just never seem to run out of fashion, or, just like us, you love the aura and quaintness of an aged design; you will find designs to suit everyone on your Christmas card list.