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Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is one of the most well-known and iconic symbols of the festive season. Since the 1800s, when Christmas trees were first introduced to the UK from Germany, they've been an integral part of our Christmas celebrations. What better emblem to have on the front of your Christmas cards this year?

Representing eternal life, festive spirit and celebration, there's no better Christmas card design than a Christmas tree. When you're shopping for your Christmas tree cards this year, look no further than Christmas Connections. We stock a wide variety of Christmas tree Christmas card designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary artwork, for all your personal and business needs.

Why Choose Christmas Connections for Christmas Tree Cards?

At Christmas Connections, we currently stock over 30 Christmas tree Christmas card designs, in a range of styles and colour schemes. Whether you're a fan of traditional illustration, or you prefer a more modern twist on the Christmas tree, you'll find a design that suits you. All of our Christmas tree Christmas cards are customisable, with your name or company name and your own greeting inside. Our front personalised Christmas tree card designs also allow you to customise the outer design. And for every card you order, we'll donate 10p to a registered UK charity of your choice.

Our cards are printed to a high quality gloss finish, and supplied with easy-seal envelopes. We aim to print and post all orders within three working days. If you'd prefer to see our cards in person before ordering, feel free to request a free sample of any of our designs!

Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?

Conifers such as spruce, pine and fir trees have been used to decorate houses during the winter as far back as Ancient Rome. Being evergreen, they are one of the only types of tree that doesn't lose its leaves during the winter.

During the festival of Saturnalia, evergreen wreaths were hung around the home, and temples were decorated with fir trees. This tradition continued for many centuries and was adopted by Pagans, who used evergreen trees as decoration during the Winter Solstice.

Eventually, Christians joined in, renaming the festive trees "Christmas trees" and adorning the branches with decorations such as gingerbread, apples and glass ornaments. It's thought that the first Christmas trees (that were named such) originated in Latvia and Germany.

But Christmas trees didn't become popular in the UK until the Victorian era. Queen Victoria herself helped popularise them, as she begun having Christmas trees set up in Windsor Castle in the 1840s. Since then, trees have become an essential part of any British Christmas celebration, and feature on many of our Christmas card designs.

When Were Christmas Trees First Used on Cards?

Christmas trees were introduced to the UK in the 1800s. This is also the same century in which Christmas cards were also first popularised here. Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, who was German, helped enormously with this. Both Christmas cards and Christmas trees were long-established German traditions that Prince Albert helped bring to this country. Because of this, Christmas trees have been used in Christmas card designs for almost as long as they have existed in this country. One of the first known English Christmas cards featuring a Christmas tree design dates from 1860 to 1880, and is currently on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It depicts a small potted evergreen tree sitting on a table, decorated with a variety of ornaments such as angels, flags and flowers.

What Do Christmas Trees on Cards Symbolise?

The Christmas tree is an iconic festive image that's recognised all around the world. But when you're sending a card with a Christmas tree on it, what are you saying? What do Christmas trees actually symbolise? Because evergreen trees never lose their leaves, and are green all year round, they symbolize eternal life. Being highly decorated, they are also a symbol of the celebration and fun that's enjoyed at Christmas time. Christmas trees are also a Christian symbol of the Trinity, as they are triangular in shape. They've also been related to the "tree of life" from the Bible. However, many non-religious families worldwide also enjoy Christmas trees.

Christmas Connections FAQs: What Christmas Tree Card Designs are Available?

Here at Christmas Connections, we stock a wide range of different Christmas Tree Christmas card designs, but we're always updating our collection. Every year, we update our stock with the latest designs from worldwide and UK artists (while keeping some old favourites). So you'll have new and exciting options to choose from every year that you order from us.

Our Christmas Tree Christmas cards range from contemporary and abstract designs, such as our very popular Christmas Glow cards, to traditional illustrations such as Lights Across London. Many of our Christmas Tree card designs, such as Christmas Tree Reflection, include free front personalisation, so you can include your name or your company name on the card's design. You can customise the inside of any of our cards with your own wording and logo for free, and for a small extra fee, have your logo printed in colour.