11 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

Christmas shopping can be incredibly stressful, especially when you have no clue about what you should buy for the special man (or men) in your life. It used to be so easy when we were younger! But as we age, most men tend to just buy what they need, when they need it – leaving us utterly clueless as to what to buy them come Christmas time.

So, other than a fantastic Christmas card, what do you get for the man who seemingly has everything? This is something that baffles many people who want to find the perfect gift for their loved ones – especially if they don’t have much in common with their gift recipient.

Never fear, however, because we’ve put together a list of 11 unique Christmas gift ideas for men that you probably haven’t thought of. This guide includes both practical and purely ornamental suggestions, and will help you come up with some great gift ideas for the man who has it all and wants for nothing.

Without further ado:

1. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Hydration is so important! Many people don’t realise just how vital it is to drink enough water throughout the day. Getting the man in your life a normal water bottle might seem a bit uninspired – but did you know that self-cleaning water bottles exist? These are not only novel but also quite practical for the busy man.
The self-cleaning feature activates every two hours to kill bacteria, and prevent that tell-tale stale smell that other water bottles may develop over time. You can find options that have a double wall vacuum insulated bottle that is able to keep beverages cold for upwards to 24 hours and items hot for 12 hours. These are typically charged using a USB charger and can last for about a month on a full charge.

2. Projector

If the man in your life is a fan of good movies and TV shows (and, really, who isn’t?) then why not buy them an at-home projector? You can get fantastic projectors that are able to be used indoors and outdoors, allowing your man to enjoy a cinema-like experience whenever he wants at home. This is perfect for a post-pandemic gift if real cinemas still don’t seem a desirable place to go.
There are quite a few different options available, from smaller portable ones that can be moved around wherever they are needed, or you can get larger, stationary ones installed in their man cave. Whichever option you are deciding on, you can find the perfect one for your loved one.

3. Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is a truly unique gift for any man that is more than just a decoration for his home or office desk. The term “bonsai” actually isn’t the name of a tree species – it is the term for any miniature sized tree species that is kept in a pot or vase. The point of this tree is to offer a meditative experience for those who practice this exercise of trimming the tree.
They can not only shape the bonsai tree however they want to, but the actual act of trimming the tree is a great stress reliever, to give them some inner peace while they are working. Plus, once they are done with it, they have something beautiful to decorate their desk with!

4. Car Organiser or Boot Tidy

Obviously, we can’t generalise an entire gender. But let’s face it – most men love their cars. Some men spend hours meticulously cleaning their cars inside and out every couple of weeks. But it can be tricky to keep the car tidy day-to-day, especially with kids or a busy job. Getting them something like a car organiser or boot tidy can be a truly thoughtful gift because it helps them to keep their space clean.
Some car organisers can be very basic, while others can hold all of their electronics, water bottles, car cleaning accessories and coffee cups. Think about which type of car organiser they would need to keep their car looking as great as when they bought it – and don’t forget to consider the model of their car, as this can affect which organisers will fit.

5. Coffee Subscription

Does the man in your life love his coffee? If so, investing in a coffee subscription box can be an excellent idea. There are several different options available for this, but the basics of all of them are this: you answer some questions about the type of coffee that they drink and love, and then the subscription service will match them to a new coffee every month.

They can easily discover new coffees that they will love. Was there a coffee that he didn’t like? You can often “like” or “dislike” the coffees, which can help them get a better idea of which coffees to send and which ones not to. You can adjust the schedule to deliver coffee when you think you’ll need it, ensuring that there’s always freshly roasted coffee beans available for use. Pay for a few months or an entire year of a coffee subscription and this truly will be the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Speaking of coffee, if you are going to invest in quality beans for the man in your life you will want to get him a coffee maker so that he can better enjoy the quality of freshly roasted coffee beans. Pour over coffee makers offer an excellent and easy way to enjoy your coffee.

This is a type of coffee maker that slowly drips hot water over ground beans, bloomed out by an immersion brewer, extracting the coffee solubles. When you pour over slowly, the extraction process becomes more complex and balanced–so your cup is richer. Much less water filters through the coffee when brewed this way, so it’s stronger, richer in flavor and often more complex in aroma.

7. Fancy Chef Knife

If your special man enjoys cooking, then you may want to consider getting him a fancy chef knife that he can use over and over again when whipping together amazing meals. There is a significant difference in price and quality depending on brands and materials, so you should figure out your budget and then do your research to determine which option gives you the most for your money.

You can get something really fancy that costs several hundred dollars, or you can find a decent affordable option for the chef in your life. You could even get him an entire knife block so that he has tools for every use (along with a decent and portable knife sharpener like the AnySharp).

8. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Is the man in your life an avid fan of hot sauces? It can be difficult trying to find the perfect hot sauce for someone else – there are so many different varieties available, all of which vary hugely in terms of flavour as well as the level of heat.

So, why not let him get creative and make his own hot sauce with a hot sauce making it. Spicy foods can boost metabolism, but also who doesn’t like a nice kick added to their pizza or chilli? You can find DIY hot sauce kits that allow the man in your life to experiment with different flavours and create something as unique as they are. As an added bonus you could even throw in a grow-your-own chillies kit, so that (eventually) he can use his own home grown hot peppers, too!

9. Engraved Drink Decanter

If the man you’re buying for enjoys entertaining or partakes in a tipple or two on the weekend, don’t go the easy-but-dull route of simply buying him a bottle of his favourite spirit. How predictable! Instead, why not get him a personalised decanter? A decanter is a beautiful carved glass or crystal bottle that can be used to hold any kind of alcohol or spirit. Not only will it look gorgeous in the drinks cabinet, but it’ll also be a great talking point at parties.
You can order a decanter with customised engravings that can really make the set stand out.

For example, you could have engraved:

• Their name
• Their initials, for a more subtle monogrammed look
• Their company or business name
• Your name, so they always remember who gave it to them
• A special date such as their birthday or wedding anniversary

You could even get a personal message engraved to let him know how much you mean to him.

10. Multitool Pen

It’s hard to find a guy that isn’t interested in unique multitool items, which allow them to be prepared for many different scenarios. This is one reason why a multitool pen can be a great idea for the man that thinks he has everything. You can find multitool pens that not only function as regular pens, but also have many additional features such as:

• Screw driver heads
• Spirit level
• Ruler
• Callipers
• Pocket knife

Modern multitool pens even come with a stylus, for use with smartphones and tablets. What a handy gadget to have in your pocket – particularly for a man that works in a trade such as carpentry or building work.

11. Giant Lawn Game

If the man in your life is a child at heart and really enjoys playing party games and board games, take it to the next level by buying him a giant, larger-than-life-sized lawn game that he can use when entertaining the family in his back garden.
You can get giant versions of many popular games that really bring the fun back to your outdoor get-togethers – for example:

• Jenga
• Skittles or ten-pin bowling
• Connect 4
• Darts
• Dominoes

Bonus: these back garden games are even more fun when you’ve had a drink or two, so are perfect for boozy adults-only evenings too!

Don’t Forget the Christmas Card!

Just because you think that a man has everything, that doesn’t mean that they actually do. We hope this list has inspired you with gr

eat ideas so that you can get your loved one something truly special for Christmas.
But whatever you do, don’t forget the Christmas card! Gifts are exciting and can truly make someone’s Christmas, but the card that you hand the special man in your life alongside the gift can be just as meaningful and valuable – especially if you create a custom photo upload design or personalise the greeting inside.

At Christmas Connections, we stock a huge range of Christmas card designs suitable for anyone in your life – everything from fun cartoon designs for kids, to traditional winter scenes and modern digital art designs. You’re bound to find something that the man in your life will appreciate, and what’s more, you can add your own wording inside the card at the click of a button for no extra cost. Shop Christmas Connections today for this year’s Christmas cards and help those in need too, with 10p from every card going directly to charity!

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