The Top Christmas Trends for 2021 (Gifts, Decorations and More)

It probably seems a little cliched, but the reality is that Christmas is almost upon us again. This year, it would be fair to say that it is awaited with much anticipation. After the past two difficult years, there is much to look forward to and to catch up on this festive season! The wealth of articles already appearing on the web bears testimony to the expectation that is building.

Add to this the growing consciousness of environmental interests and we can look forward to some interesting ideas for decorations, gifts and celebrations. Wherever in the world you are, 2021 promises to deliver a Christmas that will just be that little different to Christmases past.
If you want this Christmas to be festive, magical and bang on the latest fashions, look no further than this article. We’re going to take a look at the hottest new Christmas decorating, gifting and activity trends of 2021.

Christmas Decorating Trends for 2021

One common expectation for 2021 is the devastating economic impact that Covid-19 has had on so many families around the world. For one, there is likely to be a shift towards more rustic and natural themes. This also aligns with the environmental considerations. Natural resources and artistic flair are expected to come to the fore in a big way.

Primary Colour Choices

From a colour perspective, some experts are predicting that tones of blue will be popular this year. Bear in mind that Christmas is predominantly associated with northern hemisphere climate and, as such, it is a winter occasion.
Silver and white will be important colours as they bring in the tones of winter and the snow. Traditionally, green, red and gold will endure in many homes and provide some warmth to the stark, cold colours.

2021 Christmas Tree Trends

In the northern climates, natural trees are abundant and very popular. Tree culture differs quite significantly across the globe, though. Europe and the UK tend to favour trees that showcase the decorations while in the US the tree is often quite an imposing feature. Many plant nurseries cultivate a variety of firs purely for Christmas.

Artificial trees are still very popular. This is particularly so in climates that are not friendly to the popular natural trees. Although these trees have a significant content of plastics and other synthetics, they are often used over and over for several years.
One trend that has become apparent in artificial trees is the swing towards a more natural look. People are moving towards asymmetrical trees that just look and feel more natural.

Of course, there is always the option to rent a tree. This is a very good option for those that wish to avoid the use of plastics but do not have the space or means to grow a tree. A tree can take anything from four to fifteen year to reach the most popular height of around two meters. From a sustainability point of view, these trees can be reused for many years and should be given more attention.

DIY Christmas Decorations

After more than 18 months of virtual get-togethers and social isolation, people are ready to re-engage. And, people are going to be doing this with vigour and enthusiasm. Christmas is a feel-good occasion and we expect that this year is going to make up for the dreary and frustrating Covid-19 period.
Don’t be shy to invite family and friends to help make ornaments for the tree! If you look around your home and garden, you will be amazed at all the natural things you can use to make your baubles. Not only is this a fun way to get together, it is also a very good green option.

Christmas 2021 Gifting Trends

When it comes to gifts for 2021, the water is a little murkier. For many people, affordability might be a constraint. Others may elect to go a little over the top to make up. There has been a mindset shift towards supporting the local economy and family and home-based businesses.
Shopping locally brings many different benefits to buyer and seller alike. It supports real people and real families. It does not stuff more profits into bloated corporates that furlough their workers at the slightest hint of trouble. It may well put food on the table of a family that you know. You may also find unique and interesting things that you wouldn’t see at the larger shops.

Let’s Get Out and Do Something!

We see a fairly strong trend towards experience gifts. Following the various lockdowns and restrictions, people want to get out again. Whilst the concept of an experience gift naturally brings to mind some sort of adrenaline boosting activity like skydiving or a yacht cruise, there are quite a few less glamorous sounding ideas. Not to say that they are any less fulfilling for the recipient.

Think of things like a mushroom growing kit or a course in cheesemaking. We humans are hunter gatherers and production of food is almost an instinct. Any person that has produced their own food will tell you about the satisfaction you get from serving your own efforts on a plate. There is something very therapeutic about it.

Tech and Gadgets

At the other, more boring, end of the scale is electronics. As our lives become more and more technology dependent, we always have the option to fall back on electronic gadgets. This year, though, let’s make a conscious effort to go green. Solar powered power banks are a great idea. After all, we are forever charging a phone or a tablet or a laptop.

Mobile devices will remain popular. Technology changes so fast that we struggle to keep up. We’re also simplifying our lives by packing more and more functionality into a single hand-held device. A word of advice – given that technology changes so quickly, it really isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on the latest and greatest edition.

Truth be told, very often the enhancements in the newest generation have very little impact on the average user. It would be quite acceptable to go for the previous year’s model. They’re still readily available and come with full manufacturer support. The only real difference is a massive saving on the price.

Gatherings and Activities

Okay, let’s talk about the celebration itself! Whether it be Christmas Eve of Christmas Day, we all look forward every year to the meal. Traditionally, we have loaded up on staples like turkey, gammon roasts and delectable roast potatoes. This is not going to change much. These are deep-rooted traditions.
Just expect people to make a little more effort this year. Gatherings may well be a little larger than normal. Enduring apprehension over the spread of Covid-19, buffet style meals may be avoided in commercial establishments. This is not likely to filter through to family meals, though. There is a lot to catch up and people will do so with gusto.

Organic Food

Organic food is something we can anticipate will gain popularity. Worldwide, chemicals and genetic manipulation are being shunned for the real or perceived damage they inflict on the environment. Organically produced food still commands a premium price due to the stringent compliance laws and low production volumes. For this reason, the trend will take a while to gather any significant momentum. It is, however, a trend that will endure.
Table decorations may be a little understated this year as people focus more on the experience of togetherness and sharing. Whatever happens, we’re bound to see the festive season out with some exciting new experiences. Wherever in the world you are, make Christmas 2021 a memorable one!

2021 Christmas Card Trends

One tradition that will definitely not fall to the wayside this Christmas is the custom of sending beautiful, heartfelt Christmas cards to friends and family.
But this year, because we’ve all had such a tough time as of late, many people will avoid grabbing a mass-printed card off the shelf and scribbling your name. As we’ve spent so much time away from our loved ones, not being able to see them as often as we’d like, it would be a lovely gesture to put a little more effort into your Christmas cards this year.

We’d recommend choosing a customisable Christmas card that you can edit with your own wording and message inside. This way, you can tailor it to your recipient, rather than writing a generic greeting. It’s so much more heartfelt and this will be needed after a tough couple of years.
At Christmas Connections, we stock a huge range of Christmas card designs, from the traditional to the contemporary – all of which are perfect for your 2021 Christmas celebration. Every design can be quickly and easily customised for free using our online editor. We even have a selection of photo upload cards which you can add your own image to, to create a truly bespoke greeting for your friends and family! Why not request our 2021 brochure today?

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