Top 3 Places to Go on Holiday at Christmas

Top 3 Places to Go on Holiday at Christmas

We surveyed 1,041 people in the UK and asked them “Which country is best to visit on holiday at Christmas?” Here, we look over the top three answers, Britain which took 13% of the votes, Lapland with 11% of the votes. With the USA with 8% of the votes.

Christmas in Britain

Perhaps it’s the homely nostalgic feel to Christmas in Britain that made this choice so popular. In spite of the usually poor winter weather, the UK has lots to offer at Christmas.

Firstly, there’s the regional Christmas markets that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Christmas in the UK

In terms of entertainment, social calendars fill up with Christmas parties, pop-up ice rinks, and a cheesy favourite – Pantomimes!

This may make us sound like a nation of couch potatoes, but Christmas TV plays an important part of the Christmas experience. From Christmas movies, to the Queen’s Speech and “Christmas Special” episodes of our favourite regular TV shows.

There are also the Boxing Day sales, which get bigger and bigger and start earlier and earlier every year as people flock to pick up bargains on the high street. For those less interested in shopping, in Britain, unlike the rest of Europe, there are football matches over the Christmas period, with watching the Boxing Day matches a tradition for many.

Christmas in Lapland

Lapland is the true destination for those wanting to see the epitome of Christmas – Santa Claus. Located in northern Finland, Lapland, during the winter months, is a sight to behold. Snow, reindeer, log cabins, the northern lights and of course a true feeling that Christmas is here. It really is the dream destination for those wanting to treat their family to Christmas.

Christmas in Lapland

Festive cheer is never too far away in Lapland and of course the traditional sense of what Christmas is supposed to be. With all of the elements combining to make a trip to Lapland something that will never be forgotten.

Christmas in the USA

We think the wish to spend Christmas in the USA is definitely inspired by films! In particular, New York City with it’s large outdoor Christmas tree displays, ice rinks and for shoppers, the Christmas selections in the major department stores.

The holiday season begins with the celebration of Thanksgiving, around a month before Christmas day.

It isn’t all about New York though, there’s a real mixture of different Christmas traditions in the USA because it’s so vast and has so many different cultures celebrating.

Indeed, there are some wonderful city locations within the US to spend Christmas. Apart from the great New York City, there is also the city of Chicago, which really embraces the festive cheer. Also, the Michigan winter weather also plays a major part in making it feel like a proper Christmas.

If you fancy something a bit different, head to California and sample some of the festive cheer on the west coast. Riverside is home to the Riverside Festival of Lights. In which the historic Mission Inn is decorated with an estimated 3.5 million Christmas lights. Dickens’ carol singers joyfully sing from the balconies. You can also visit Santa and his workshop or partake in ice-skating at the Main Street rink.

Christmas in the USA

Something, which is completely leftfield for the Christmas holidays, is the Rocky Mountain region in Colorado. A number of people choose to make the most of the excellent skiing and general thrills that can be had on the slopes of the famous mountain range.

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