6 Adorable and Fun Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Card Ideas

The holiday season is already fun and exciting, but it can get even more joyous when you finally reveal to family and friends that you’re about to welcome a new bundle of joy into your family.

Pregnancy deserves a celebration, and no time is more perfect than announcing your good news during Christmas. And what better way to do it than with beautiful Christmas cards? You’ll be sending Christmas cards to all of your friends and family anyway (at least, you should be!) so it’s the ideal opportunity to make the all-important announcement that your family is about to grow.

We’ve compiled some great ideas that you can use to make your pregnancy announcement truly unforgettable this year, whether you’re planning to use a photo upload card to broadcast the good news, or simply write a custom message inside an ordinary greetings card.

Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Card Designs

Since you’re already expecting a baby, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re quite busy! But fear not – you don’t have to make your own Christmas cards by hand. At Christmas Connections, we stock a huge range of over 200 customisable Christmas cards, so you’re bound to find one that suits your preferences – whether it’s a cartoon design or a traditional illustration. Once you’ve curated your list of people to send the pregnancy announcement to, you can shop for Christmas cards depending on a theme that you have in mind.

One of the best ways to announce a pregnancy is through photos. This is why most couples these days opt to have a photo shoot that they can use for their pregnancy announcement. You can use one of our photo upload designs to easily add your own image to the front of the Christmas card, which can even be surrounded in a festive frame.

Here are some ideas for your pregnancy reveal Christmas photo:

1. A Photo of the Bump

If your pregnancy is already showing (which usually starts to happen at about 12 weeks), taking a photo of your “baby bump” is a perfect and easy way to tell everyone the good news! Choose a close-fitting top or dress and stand side-on to the camera for the most pronounced effect. Have your partner standing behind you holding your bump, or pointing at it with a surprised expression on his face if you want to generate a few giggles.

You could even dress up in a Christmassy outfit, such as a red “Mrs. Santa” dress with a white fur trim, or in an ugly Christmas jumper to get into the spirit of the festive season!

2. The Ultrasound Scan

Sharing an ultrasound scan picture is the classic way of telling your friends and family that you’re expecting a little one. If you’ve had your first ultrasound scan, called the dating scan (usually booked in around the 10 – 14 week mark) – or even your second scan, called the anatomy scan (around 20 weeks) – then you’ll have been given a photo from the scan to keep. Simply scan it in to your computer to use it on a photo upload card.
To add some Christmas humour to the ultrasound snap, why not use a photo editor to pop a pair of reindeer antlers or a tiny Santa hat on the baby?

3. Tiny Clothes or Shoes

There’s no doubt about it – baby clothes are tiny and utterly adorable, so there’s no cuter way to announce your new arrival than to take a picture of a newborn onesie or tiny pair of booties. If you’ve not already invested in these items for your little one, now’s the perfect time to go out and buy them! Why not choose a onesie printed with a Christmas design, or a tiny pair of elf shoes? You could even invest in a custom-printed vest or sleepsuit with the baby’s due date printed on the front.

4. Christmas Stockings

A photograph of your family’s Christmas stockings hanging over the fireplace, from your mantel or on the wall is a classic Christmas photo card design that everyone’s familiar with. Usually, the stockings are personalised with the initial of each family member.

You can use this idea to let everyone know that you’re expecting by buying or making a tiny stocking, with the word “baby” embroidered on it – or the little one’s due date, or a question mark. Then, line it up alongside the rest of your family’s stockings for the perfect pregnancy announcement picture.

5. “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” T-Shirt

If you’ve already got one or more children, there’s no cuter way to announce the newcomer than by dressing your current youngest up in a t-shirt that proudly proclaims “Big Sister” or “Big Brother”. Pop a Santa hat or pair of reindeer antlers on them as well, for extra cute factor, and tell them to smile their widest for the photoshoot. They’ll be so excited to get involved in the announcement and being the one to reveal the surprise to all of your loved ones!

6. A Lump of Coal

Okay, this one might sound a little weird to start with – but hear us out! This idea is definitely only suitable for over-18s, but if you fancy telling your adult friends and family in a slightly cheeky way, this might be right up your street.

Everyone knows that Father Christmas sends coal to naughty boys and girls. Simply take a picture of a lump of coal under the Christmas tree, and include the caption “we’ve been naughty this year”! Your recipients will be left guessing what you mean until they open the card and reveal your pregnancy announcement inside.

Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Card Messages

Whether you’re using a photo upload card, or choosing a standard Christmas card design and simply personalising the message inside, you’ll need to write your Christmas greeting in such a way that it reveals the big surprise!
You’ll need to wish your recipients the usual holiday greetings, of course – but you’ll have more than just warm wishes and holiday cheer to write in the card this year.

Here are some unique and fun messages that you can draw inspiration from:

• “Christmas season is here and we can’t help but feel the holiday cheer. We hope you’re celebrating in your home too, especially with the news we’re about to share to you. A bun in the oven expected to join the family early next year. Merry Christmas from our growing family to yours!”

• “Santa Claus visited us early this year and with him, a gift we hold very dear. Although we’ve kept mum for a week or two, now’s the perfect time to share this amazing news to you. A new addition to the brood is coming soon, Santa baby will be here and we’re definitely over the moon. Here’s to a great Christmas filled with love, happiness and lots of fun. We hope you love our gift as much as we do. Happy Holidays!”

• “This year, we had extra fun while decorating our tree, especially now that we’re going to be three. Yes, a baby is on the way! We’ll have an amazing Christmas, that’s for sure. We wish you the same and so much more. As we welcome a blessing into our life, we’d like you to know that we’d like to hug you tight. Merry Christmas from us to you!”

• “Did you see a baby bump? Yes, that’s true. After waiting so long, we’re finally glad to tell you that we are expecting a baby in a few months. As one of our closest friends, we’d want you to be one of the first to know this amazing news and especially during the most wonderful time of the year. We’d love to hear from you soon and we wish you nothing but happiness and love during the holiday season. Merry Christmas!”

• “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to say that a baby is on the way! Yes you read that right, we’re expecting! Have an amazing Christmas with your family and we hope to see you very soon!”

• “Ho! Ho! Ho! A baby is coming to our family next year and we can’t wait to celebrate with you this amazing news. Christmas is a perfect time to be grateful for all the blessings that came our way. And for us, this new addition to the family has definitely made the holiday season more cheerful and meaningful. Enjoy your gift and have a very Merry Christmas to you and the family!”

When To Give Out Your Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Cards

A pregnancy announcement is an amazing surprise for anyone, and telling your family and friends during the holiday season through a pregnancy announcement Christmas card makes it even more special.

You can, of course, send your cards out in the post. This might be appropriate for people with whom you’re less close, such as colleagues, neighbours, and distant family members. But for closer family members and friends, why not hand the cards out in person? That way, you get to see their reactions live!
It could be during the family Christmas dinner, or through a Zoom call with everyone you sent out cards to. You can be as creative as you’d like.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making your closest family and friends feel valued by sharing with them this important milestone in your family. Christmas cards are also a quintessential British tradition, which makes this announcement even more special. Shop Christmas Connections today to find your ideal pregnancy announcement Christmas card. All of our designs are fully customisable with your own message for no extra cost – and we even make a donation to charity for each card sold!

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