Charity of the Week | NSPCC

Charity of the Week | NSPCC

Who are the NSPCC?
NSPCC stands for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

It means that each of us has a responsibility to keep childhood free from abuse, and we must do everything possible to protect children and prevent it from happening.

So if a law needs to change, or if more needs to be done to protect children, we demand it. The fact that we’re independent – relying on the public to fund our work – means we can push for change when others can’t.

1 in 5 children in the UK have suffered abuse or neglect. That’s why, across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, we’re working to protect children today and prevent abuse from happening tomorrow.

But we can’t reach every child without your help.

What do they do?

Abuse robs children of their childhood. Without help, the scars of abuse can last a lifetime. And as devastating as it can be for the child, society pays a heavy price too.

Abuse changes childhood, but so can we

Child abuse is preventable – not inevitable. And it’s up to each of us to do everything possible to keep childhood safe from abuse, so children can grow up healthy and thrive. That’s why we’re here and drives what we do. So as long as there’s abuse – we will fight for every childhood.

How do your donations help?

The more people who support our vital work and join our mission, the more we can help keep children safe. Big or small, there’s something each of us can do to help bring an end to child abuse. Every pound raised, every petition you sign, every minute of your time, will help make sure we can fight for every childhood.

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