How to Personalise a Christmas Card: a Step-by-step Guide

Although it may be hard to believe, the countdown to Christmas is on. It’s already time to start thinking about starting your festive preparations – including buying, writing and sending your Christmas cards.

But instead of settling for shop-bought Christmas cards that all feature boring designs and uninventive, generic greetings, why not order personalised Christmas cards this year? It’s easy to do, and there are so many different designs available – including religious, traditional, illustrated, contemporary and photo upload cards. You can write your own greeting, and choose from a variety of font styles and colours, so it will be uniquely yours!

Your loved ones are bound to appreciate receiving a personalised Christmas card over the usual mass-produced cards they receive from everyone else. Be the first in your family to start a new festive tradition!

Why Should I Order Personalised Christmas Cards This Year?

There are various reasons why ordering your own personalised Christmas card is better than buying one from a shop. For example:

  • Choose from hundreds of different card templates- there truly is something for everyone! This means no more standing awkwardly in your local card shop, trying to pick between the 2 or 3 designs that aren’t overdone, tacky, or just plain ugly.
  • Your family and friends will love receiving a custom card that reflects your personality, with a personal greeting inside that has been specially created for them – it will show just how much they mean to you, and they’ll cherish it for years to come.
  • Take things to the next level by adding your own artwork or photographs to create a truly unique card. The possibilities are endless!
  • You can write your own Christmas greeting or choose from a huge number of pre-written festive sayings and rhymes. This means that you get to add a personal touch, which is often much more meaningful than buying something generic in the shops.

As well as the satisfaction of knowing you’ve created a unique Christmas card, there’s an added bonus – up to 50p from the sale of every card is donated to charity! So not only will choose from hundreds of different designs and have complete control over what goes inside your cards, but also know that some good is being done for those less fortunate.

How Do I Create a Personalised Christmas Card?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the steps involved in creating your perfect personalised Christmas card. Before long, you’ll have the perfect design, edited and in your basket ready to check out.

Step One: Choose a Design

To begin, head to Charity Christmas Cards and browse our extensive range of Christmas card designs, either on the website or by downloading our free brochure. We offer a wide range of design categories to select from, including:

  • Religious
  • Traditional
  • Photographic
  • Photo upload
  • Contemporary
  • Corporate
  • Fun
  • Luxury

So, whether you’re looking for a classic nativity scene, a beautiful winter landscape or something more contemporary and quirky for your loved ones, we’ve got you covered.

Once you’ve found the perfect template for your card, simply select it by clicking on one of the preview images. You’ll then be able to see a close-up of your selected design, as well as details including the size of the card, the finish, and the price band (including the amount per card that will be donated to charity). You can also choose the quantity of cards that you require, from 50 to a staggering, 1000 – perfect for corporate use!

Step Two: Choose a Christmas Greeting or Write Your Own

Once you’ve selected your design, the next step is to choose a Christmas greeting. This could be one of our pre-written festive greetings, or it might be something that you write yourself.

We have a range of wordings to choose from, including greetings in Welsh! Here’s an example of one of our more popular wording choices:


All Good Wishes for Christmas


Every Happiness in the Coming Year


[Your Name/Company Name Here]

Once you’ve chosen your preferred wording, simply click on it and use the text box on the right to input your name or company name underneath the greeting.

Alternatively, you might want to write something yourself that reflects your own personality, or the personalities and interests of those receiving the card. For example:

  • A Christmas quote from a famous poet or author
  • A religious quote or bible verse
  • A festive joke (the more groan-worthy, the better!)
  • Lyrics from a Christmas carol or song
  • A famous poem or rhyme, or one you’ve written yourself

Take your time to think of the perfect wording – after all, this is your unique card.

Step Three: Choose a Font Style and Colour

Once you’ve chosen or written your Christmas greeting, it’s time to move on to selecting the font style and colour. This is where you can really make your card unique, and stand out from all the others on your recipients’ mantles this year.

By default, all of our greetings come written in a formal, black font. But with dozens of typefaces available, why not get creative? For example, you might want to select a quirky or handwriting-style font to give the card a human feel.

Next, choose a font colour for your text to appear in. Stick with black, or go with a festive green or cranberry red, for example. If you’re sending these cards on behalf of a business or company, why not choose a colour that matches your logo or branding for a cohesive look?

You can choose to align the text to the left, centre, or right depending on your preference. Centre-aligned text is more traditional, but maybe you want to stand out!

Step Four: Add Your Address

Once you’ve chosen your font and colour, you have the option to add your address underneath the greeting, using the box on the right.

Adding your address to the Christmas card is a great idea – particularly if you’re ordering corporate cards to be sent to your clients. You can also add your phone number or website address, if you like. This will give your customers an easy way of getting in touch if they require your services or products this festive season.

Even if you’re ordering these cards for personal use, adding your address is handy, especially if you’ve moved house recently. Your friends and family will know exactly where to send their Christmas cards to you, without phoning you up to ask where you live!

Step Five: Upload Your Own Photo or Artwork

Did you know that you can add your very own photo, logo, or artwork inside the card, alongside the greeting? And it couldn’t be easier to do so!

  1. Click the Add Image button
  2. Select your image from your computer – whether it’s a family photo, your company’s logo, one of your kid’s drawings that you’ve scanned in, or even a QR code (use your imagination!)
  3. Wait for the image to upload
  4. Choose whether you’d like the picture to display in full colour, or black-and-white
  5. Click the “crop image” button if you’d like to trim the picture or select only a small part of it for use in the card

Click “approve”, and it will be added to the design! You can then move it around to find the perfect spot for it inside your card.

If you’ve chosen a photo upload design, you can also add an image to the front of the card using the same process – just navigate to the front page using the drop-down menu at the top of the editor.

Step Six: Choose a Charity to Support

We’re called Charity Christmas Cards for a reason – we donate a portion of every order to charity. How much will be donated to charity depends on which price band your chosen design belongs to, but we’ll donate anywhere from 10p to 50p (including VAT) for every card you buy.

Your next step, then, is to choose which charity you’d like to support with your order! Simply click the drop-down menu next to Proceed, and select from one of our carefully curated charities. We are proud to say that we work with over 250 UK-based charities, such as:

  • Age UK
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Dementia UK
  • Children’s Hospice UK
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Mencap

Click on the drop-down menu underneath the card editor to view the full selection of charities that we work with, and pick one that means something special to you or your business.

Your chosen charity’s logo will be displayed inside the card by default, but if you’d rather leave it off, simply check the box marked “Don’t display logo on card”.

Step Seven: Double-Check Your Design

Now, it’s time to check your card! Simply click the green “Next” button at the bottom of this page. This will automatically create a proof for you based on all of your selections.

You’ll be able to see the front of your card and the inside, complete with any photos or artwork you’ve added, your chosen wording and font selection, and the logo for your selected charity. So, take a look through and double-check that everything is exactly how you want it.

Be sure to scrutinize the wording for any spelling mistakes – we’ll print the card exactly as it appears in your preview, so you will want to get it right!

If everything is correct and looks great, carry on. If not, go back and make amendments by clicking the red “Edit” button underneath the preview. We don’t charge for any changes made during proofing!

Step Eight: Order Your Cards

Once you’ve checked everything over, it’s time to buy! Hit the green “Checkout” button on the preview page to add your order to your card, complete with all of your personalisation details.

You’ll then be taken to your basket, where you can see your chosen design as well as the quantity you specified before you started the editing process. There’s a drop-down menu in the basket where you can change the quantity of cards, if you’ve decided you need more or less than you originally thought (but we’d always recommend ordering more than you think you’ll need, just in case).

Choose your preferred delivery service, and then place your order! Click the green “Checkout” button again and you’ll be taken to a screen where you can sign in or create an account, choose your payment method, and finalise your order.

Now, all that’s left to do is to wait for your beautiful personalised Christmas cards to arrive, complete with high-quality envelopes. Sign, seal and deliver them, and that’s Christmas this year sorted. Happy designing!


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