Our Top 10 Fun Christmas Cards

We Buy Any Sleigh

A landscape card with a gloss finish.

A fun card depicting Santa looking at new sleighs with the well dressed salesman pointing at 2, an electric one and a hybrid one.  Seems like a good deal 0% finance and a trade in welcome.  The store has 2 lovely decorated real Christmas trees, one with gold and red wrapped gifts underneath. Santa is in his traditional red and white outfit and black boots.  Outside looking in are the reindeers stood waiting in the heavy snow. They have lovely red and gold saddles with a red collar with gold bells around their neck.  The sleigh is red and gold with a sprig of festive holly on the side.  It is laden with gifts all nicely wrapped with bows on.  Stuck to the side with tape is a piece of paper denoting the efficiency of the sleigh, no carbon footprint here!  You can your name or company name printed above the shop in white lettering.  A humorous take on fuel efficiency.

Dancing Snowmen

A landscape card with a gloss finish.

This sweet card shows 4 marshmallow snowmen having fun in the snow.  They have little red and white hats and red scarves.  The is a sliver of carrot for the nose, chocolate for the eyes, mouth and buttons. Twiglets make up the arms and legs. They all have smiles on their faces but one seems to have ended upside down in the snow!  Perhaps practising his moves a bit too energetically!  A fun card for business or personal use alike.

The Waiting Room

A landscape card in a gloss finish.

A humorous take on the Vet’s waiting room with heavy snow falling outside.  The dog led on the floor staring intensely at what we assume looking at the tail sticking out, to be a cat in a carrier.  A grumpy looking dog and bad tempered cat look like they are next to be seen by the vet. There is a chicken in a box with its head poking out next to a little boy holding a small furry creature.  All these are looking at Santa and the reindeer with the green nose.  The caption says it all Rudolph is not well!  Needs to get well quick for Christmas Eve!

Christmas Taxi

A landscape card with a gloss finish.

This is a must for taxi companies!  Santa taking an easier way with Rudolph in the driving seat and his antlers sticking through the sunroof.  Santa in the back loaded down with presents, more in the boot which is so full it can’t be closed. Even more presents on the roof rack which has a Christmas tree strapped on top, which has been dug up at the roots and comes complete with a star.  This yellow taxi can have your own greeting, your name or company name and logo if required.  This would be a good business advertisement while sending good wishes.

Construction Humour

A landscape card in a gloss finish.

Would be an excellent choice for anyone in the construction business. In the heavy snow Santa’s elves and reindeer are helping him to build a house with candy kane’s used to construct the inside.  Santa is already decorating the outside for Christmas with a dark green and red wreath.  There is another candy kane being brought in on a crane.  Santa is in the window opening waiting for the glass pane to be delivered, there are 3 elves and a reindeer bringing the pane, could be an accident waiting to happen!  In the background another elf is up a ladder on a new building going up. A good card for building companies to send.

Christmas Hitch Hikers



A landscape card with a gloss finish.


A must for haulage and transport companies, free advertising whilst sending good wishes. The sleigh on the hill in the snow has a broken ski after Santa has delivered his presents.   How will he get back to the North Pole you ask?  He and his reindeer will hitch a ride! Wearing his traditional red and white outfit and black boot, Santa raises his thumb as a lorry approaches.  Decorated with baubles the lorry comes to a stop much to the surprise on the little Robin’s face.  You can have your logo, name or company name above the cab and letters or numbers in the registration plate field.

Alternative Transport

A portrait card with a gloss finish.

There is a lot going on in this card.  Looks like Santa has crashed his sleigh and needs another way to deliver the presents.  There are a lot of people working on the car to get it ready for his deliveries.  The garage floor is in disarray with tool, tyres, exhaust’s spread about. 1 elf has made cups of tea and is more interested in drinking his than working! Another elf is loading presents into the car, not going to get many in a sports car!  Santa is tinkering underneath lets hope he doesn’t get an oil spill on his red and white outfit. The reindeers are looking on from outside wondering if this is going to work. All in all a very busy scene.  You can have your name or company name and your logo on the garage door.

Santa’s Sleigh

A landscape card with a gloss finish.

Santa has collected his presents form the despatch department on Christmas Eve.  They have trimmed up their area with balloons and streamers.  Through the window you can just see a Christmas tree.  There is an outside tree covered in snow with baubles and a star on. It’s a clear night with a new moon and stars shining bright.  The reindeers are raring to go and Santa has rosy red cheeks from the frosty night air.  The sleigh is heavy with presents which are not fastened down, hope he doesn’t lose any! The dispatcher’s in the doorway are waving Santa off with a glass of beer in their hands getting in the Christmas spirit!  Your name or company name can be placed above the doorway and that will appear on the side of Santa’s sleigh.









The Final Consignment



A landscape card with a gloss finish.


Has Santa got a new way of delivering presents?  The elves are loading the vans with well wrapped presents as Santa checks them off his list, the van is getting very full with more presents to be loaded.  There are a few snow flakes falling from the dark night sky. Once the vans are loaded they are driven away spraying snow from the wheels as they go.  You can have your name or company name above the garage door.  The van just leaving can also have your name or company and can also include you logo.  A good way of advertising for delivery companies while sending the Season’s Greetings.










Santa’s Helpers



A landscape card in a gloss finish.


Santa seems to have a new mode of transport to deliver the presents!  The elves are helping by loading the gifts into the back of the lorry.  Once finished loading the elf gives the thumbs up to Santa.  The lorry is painted in red and white just like Santa’s outfit, it even has a personalised number plate! A little robin sat on the post looks on in surprise. Snow is falling fast from the dark night sky laying thickly on the trees and fence.  You can have your name or company name and logo on the side of the van to make it more personal. A good card for HGV companies and haulage firms.



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