Our top 10 Religious Cards

Mary and Joseph

A portrait card with a gloss finish.

This tender scene is set against a starry dark night. Mary is sat cradling the baby Jesus who is wrapped in a white sheet, she is gazing at him lovingly while Joseph is ensuring the baby is well wrapped up.  Hovering in the night sky is an ethereal Angel with a halo of light around her head and her hands in the praying position.  Lighting up Jesus’ face, a beam of light is shining down from the star of Bethlehem.   A lovely religious card.

Madonna and Child

A portrait card with a gloss finish.

The star of Bethlehem is shining bright in the dark night sky shedding light into the stable where Mary is gazing lovingly at the bay Jesus with 2 baby lambs at her feet, one asleep and the other looking at the baby.  The stable is humble with a straw roof and straw covering the floor and 1 earthenware vessel.  Mary has wrapped the baby in a white sheet, they both have golden halos around their heads.  All this set against the backdrop of Bethlehem town.  A traditional religious card.

The Art of Peace

A landscape card with a gloss finish.

On a deep red background is a dove carrying a piece of an olive branch surrounded by swirls of gold embossed foil.  A thoughtful sentiment is to the bottom right again in gold embossed foil.  A card suitable for personal, business and companies with a meaningful statement.

The Adoration of the Magi

A portrait card with a gloss finish.

This is a classic design rather than a traditional card.  The scene depicts the birth of the baby Jesus in a more recent Venetian style, with vibrant colours and opulent clothing.  Mary and Joseph are shown in heavy clothing with the baby wearing nothing.  The 3 wise men surround them bearing gifts they too are dressed very opulently with vivid colours.  The backdrop to this colourful scene we assume would be the town of Bethlehem but not as we would traditionally see it.  You can just see the star of Bethlehem shining bright through the archway.  A change from the traditional card, could be used for personal, company and business’s.


A landscape card with a gloss finish.

This traditional scene is depicting the birth of Jesus.  Set in the stable Joseph is kneeling and praying over the baby in the manager whilst Mary is tending to his covering. The 3 wise men are bearing gifts and are dressed in colourful clothing. One of the shepherds is kneeling in prayer while the other stands looking on.  There are lambs, chickens and a donkey in the stable.  The star of Bethlehem is casting a bright white light onto the baby’s face.  This is a very traditional card for all types of use.

The Dearest One

A portrait card with a gloss finish.

This stunning card is showing a serene Angel holding the whole world set amidst the universe with brightly shining stars.  The Angel has pure white wings and is looking down forlornly at the world suggesting the world is a troubled place to be, this is an angel of Gods’ peace and love.  A contemporary card not unlike the traditional religious card.  Could be used for personal, companies and business’s.


A landscape card with a matt finish.

This religious card depicts the birth of Jesus across the word ‘Hope’ which is in embossed gold foil.  Joseph is kneeling in prayer in the letter ‘H’, Mary and the baby Jesus are in the centre with 2 lambs looking on. Houses assuming it’s Bethlehem have gold embossed windows to indicate light shining out.  There is a kneeling angel on top of the letter ‘E’ with snow white wings. Inside the letter ‘P’ is a white dove with an olive branch in its beak, above there is the star of Bethlehem shining bright in gold embossed foil. A very contemporary card with a religious theme.


A square card on a matt black board.

This is a contemporary card depicting a religious story.  In the bend of the ‘J’ sits a small house with a palm tree next to it, perhaps this is where the 3 wise men started their journey.  In the ‘O’ are the 3 wise men riding their camels across the desert.  Around the ‘Y’ is a cluster of small houses, this must be Bethlehem, with the star of Bethlehem shining bright above the ‘O’ and ‘Y’ under joy ‘to the world’ is inscribed.  All this detail is in silver and gold embossed foil.  Suitable for all uses.

Peace Soars

A landscape card with a gloss finish.

This beautiful white dove is flying across a dark sky with a piece of green holly with vibrant red berries in his beak.  Flowing behind are red, green and white ribbons against a plethora of bright shining stars.  The word ‘peace’ is in a white distinctive font on the right hand side near the bottom.  Suitable for personal, company and business use.

Three Kings

A landscape card with a gloss finish.

This is a modern take on a traditional card.  Set on a night backdrop, each of the kings has a gold halo 2 with gold embossed foil.  They are dressed in ornate clothing some parts highlighted in gold embossed foil, they all have long white beards.  Each is carrying a gift for the baby Jesus following the gold embossed foil star of Bethlehem.


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