Our Top 10 Selected Foiled Cards

Rhinestone Bauble

A square card on shimmering blue metallic card.

This lovely card is designed in the shape of a wreath hanging from a chain with a bow. Within the wreath are 2 jumping reindeer, a swirl with Christmas ornaments hanging from it and different styles of stars.  Near the top is Season’s Greetings.  The outside is made up with swirls and feather shapes with flower shapes at the bottom on either side again set of 3 ornaments hanging down.  There are different styles of stars and small dots around to complete the picture.  All this is in a holographic silver foil which twinkles under the light.

Decorated Baubles

A portrait Card with a matt finish.

Red and white baubles festooned with red ribbon.  2 small red, 1 with a white star, 2 medium red, 1 with silver embossed foil. 2 large red, 1 with a white embossed snow flake and 1 with silver embossed stars and 1 white star, 1 large white with no decoration.  All have caps in silver foil. All images are embossed.  There are pieces of red ribbon cascading down the card and the occasional red star.

You can have a greeting and your name or company name in embossed silver foil on the front.

A lovely card for personal, Corporate or Company use.  Promote your company whilst sending good wishes.

Bringing the Tree

A landscape card with a matt finish on a cream textured board.

The cartoon like reindeers carrying the tree all have red boots and red mittens to protect them from the cold and the scattering of snow. The reindeer at the end gently holding the star is obviously Rudolph as he is the only one with a red nose!  Father Christmas has black boots and red mittens and his traditional red and white coat and hat.  The whole design is embossed so slightly raised on the textured board.   You can have your own personalisation details printed on the front in embossed gold foil.

Christmas Nativity


A landscape card with a matt finish on a cream textured board.

A lovely nativity scene set in a brick hut with a straw roof. The hut is on the outskirts of what we can assume is Bethlehem with palm trees on either side and in the sky are stars some with gold foil. The town is done in a pencil effect drawing. Inside the hut is Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus in a manger with a cow and donkey looking on. On top of the hut is a bright gold star in gold foil. Outside the hut to the right are 2 shepherds with 3 lambs. To the left are the 3 wise men in splendid attire 2 with crowns and bearing gifts.  The clothing is in lovely colours and is high lighted with flecks of gold foil, as is the straw on the hut roof and on the ground.  All the figures are embossed giving it a more textured feeling.  A lovely religious card.

The Final Touch


A portrait card with a matt finish on a cream textured board.

This is a very delicate design with stunning colours.  The tree is in a silver foil pot, it has red berries on all the branches with green and silver foil leaves with medium and light green painted leaves as a contrast.  There is a selection of red baubles decorated with silver foil.  There is a banner across the bottom of the tree with ‘Season’s Greetings’ across.  At the very top is a helpful Robin placing the star on the tree, the star is in silver foil.  A very different type of card compared to a traditional style card.

Journey’s End

A landscape card on a matt finish cream board.

This lovely design looks as if it is set in a frame as it has a slightly raised border. The design is edged with silver foil.  It has 3 decorated Christmas trees, each has gold, red and the silver baubles are foil with a shiny silver foil star on the top. In the background there are silver foil dots to indicate stars and a white moon in the sky.  In between each tree is a reindeer with Rudolph being the first with the red nose. Father Christmas is leading the way with his traditional red and white coat and hat, black boots and a brown sack on his shoulder.  You can have a caption and your name or company name on the front in silver foil. A delightful design.


A landscape card with a matt finish.

This religious card depicts the birth of Jesus across the word ‘Peace’ which is in embossed gold foil.  The three wise men are on the left, their gifts and head attire are in embossed gold foil.  Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus are in the centre with 2 lambs looking on.  Josephs staff is gold embossed. The 2 shepherds are to the right with shepherd’s crooks and headband in embossed gold.  Houses assuming it’s Bethlehem have gold embossed windows.  There is a kneeling angel on top of the letter ‘E’ with snow white wings. Inside the letter ‘P’ is a bright shining star of gold. A very contemporary card with a religious theme.

Ribboned Tree


A landscape card on a white textured board.

This is a very classic traditional card.  The full green tree has silver foil baubles covering it with a swirling silver ribbon and around it falling out to the main body of the card.  On the top is a bright shining star with stars and baubles adorning the card.  Standing out from the stars is the main greeting of ‘Season’s Greetings’ in a lovely flowing text in silver foil.  A card that could be used for Corporate, Company of personal use.


A landscape card on a white textured board.

This lovely card is in the design of a wreath laid against grey wooden boarding. The wreath is made up of dark green, pale green and white foliage. Amongst the foliage are bright red berries, all tied together with a deep red bow. Dotted through the wreath are some bright green embossed foiled baubles.  To complete the card at the bottom the ‘Season’s Greeting’ is embossed in the same bright green foil as the baubles. An understated card that could be used for Companies or personal use.

Reindeer and Sleigh

A landscape card on a shimmer blue metallic board.

The reindeers and sleigh have been cut out so the bright white insert can be seen to give the impression of moving on snow.  The reindeers look like they are about to take off into the dark starry sky.  The reindeers and sleigh are in an embossed silver foil as are the twinkling stars in the sky. To finish this contemporary card under the’Season’s Greetings’ you can have your name or Company name in embossed silver foil.  The shimmering metallic board makes this a card that stands out from the rest.

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