Christmas Connections Cocktail Masterclass: Apple of My Eye

Christmas Connections Cocktail Masterclass: Apple of My Eye

Apple of My Eye Christmas Cocktail

Here at Christmas Connections, we like to start celebrating the festive season as soon as possible.

With that in mind we have teamed up with Manchester’s Cord Bar in order to create three Christmas inspired cocktails that you can make at home at any time of the year!

The next cocktail in our Christmas Connections Cocktail Video Masterclass series is the Apple of My Eye.

The Apple of My Eye is a delectable mix of apple juice, bourbon whiskey and Tuaca that tastes just like homemade apple pie.

Watch the video below to see Cord’s masterful mixologist Rhys Taylor show us how to create the Apple of my Eye cocktail at home.

All you need to make the Apple of My Eye are the ingredients below:

25ml Bourbon Whiskey

25ml Tuaca

50ml Cloudy Apple Juice

5ml Gingerbread Syrup

Apple Slice or Apple Fan

Bourbon Whisky for Christmas Cocktail Apple of my Eye

Gingerbread Syrup for Apple of my eye Christmas Cocktail


How to make:

The first step in making the Apple of My Eye is to add 25ml of bourbon whiskey, 25ml of Tuaca liqueur, 50ml of cloudy apple juice and 5ml of gingerbread syrup to a Boston Shaker Glass.

Next, add ice to your Boston Glass and shake well for approximately 5 seconds. An indication that the mixture is ready is when condensation starts to appear on the side of the tin.

Finally, add crushed ice to a hurricane glass and double strain the mixture over the ice using a Hawthorne strainer on your Boston Tin, and a tea strainer.

You can either garnish the glass with an apple slice. Make a small incision and placing it on the side of the glass, or you could try something a little more complicated.

In order to make an apple fan garnish, start by cutting a 1.5inch wedge out of an apple. Then cut a series of wedges each one smaller than the one before it. Fan the wedges on top of each other.

Below is an example of what the finished fan should look like:

Finished Fan Example for the Christmas Cocktail Apple of my eye
When you’re done, the completed Apple of My Eye should look something like this:

Apple of My Eye Christmas Cocktail

We hope you enjoyed participating in our Cocktail Masterclass series, click on the links below to see our other cocktail recipes. Now you know how to make these cocktails and mocktails, you can start practising and really impress your friends and family during the Christmas season!


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